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Brian and Corin Mullins speak at FoodProWest 2011

Brian and Corin Mullins speak at FoodProWest 2011

Brian and Corin were invited to speak on June 8, 2011 at FoodProWest 2011, the BC Food Processors Conference.

Brian and Corin’s address to the Conference attendees…

We’d like to thank Executive Director Nico Human and the BC Food Processors for inviting us to this annual meeting and of course the CBC Dragons’ Den as you have just seen in the video.

Who could have ever thought that an amazing five second endorsement by food billionaire Jim Treliving of Boston Pizza on the Dragons’ Den TV show would result in $1 million dollars in web sales virtually overnight.

In the last six months since the CBC show aired we have built a new state of the art organic, nut free, gluten free food plant, created 16 new jobs, paid new taxes to Gibsons and brought some food security to the Sunshine Coast.

On the sales side some have said in national newspapers and media that General Mills and Kellogg’s should beware. We have a long way to go yet…. But with well over 2 million servings have been eaten and not one real complaint. We are now in hundreds of stores locally and over a thousand across Canada and we are shipping orders to over 11 countries.

And of our employees we can’t be prouder. We have a handful of people producing 4,000 bags a day per line. And the company has developed supplier relationships, turn key systems, operations and training manuals, software and on line systems to be able to quickly expand production to other locations and countries.

Our employees designed the machinery, built the plant and now sell the cereal at stores. Computer literate, social networking wizards, our crew makes twice the average entry wage on the Sunshine Coast and they have a health care plan, flex schedules and a share in the success.

Not bad… with a $129 investment, a great recipe, a little bit of marketing smarts and a whole lot of blind luck. The real story is that we, like you, have had to endure a constant trial by fire. Supplier problems, financing issues, PayPal problems, rapid expansion, ear splitting pressure, global shipping challenges, and time and space shrinkage. We are happy to report that we are still married, still grounded, and loving every minute of having the privilege to operate an ethical, natural food company that is in the business of making and selling healthy, raw food that changes peoples lives.

But here is the big news: We Are a Web-Based Food Business According to recent statistics. "90% of people trust the recommendations of their Facebook friends" (Source: ExactTarget, August 2010) "Product recommendations from family (63%) and friends (31%) are the most trusted. However 81% of US consumers now go online to do additional research, with 55% looking for user reviews, and 10% soliciting advice from their social networks. However amongst people aged 25-34, this figure rises to 23%." (Source: Cone Inc, June 2010)

One of our Facebook fans said, “I am not taking any more Advil pills, my GI issues have disappeared, my blood sugar is down, I am dropping weight, I feel great… energized, my blood pressure is down, my kids, my husband, my sister, my dad, my friends loved it. I’ll tell the world and thank you for making this cereal, this product, and this fundamental change in my diet and life.”

We spend more on social networking and the web than we do on rent. Who ever knew that a food processing company would focus the majority of its IT resources on social networking engineers and tweeters who Facebook… 24/7? No longer is the growing, processing and distributing of food the most important thing that a man or woman can do but now add to that list being “liked” by your Facebook friends as an equal or more important challenge to face in “The Future of Food.” And we didn’t mention the name of the cereal once! Thank you Nico, Thank you all for inviting us to speak.

Q. and A. followed.

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