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How much does Holy Crap cereal really cost?

How much does Holy Crap cereal really cost?

Times are tough for some families out there and we’ve received a couple of comments on our Facebook page asking why Holy Crap cereal costs more than your average box of cereal.

It’s a good question so let’s break it down and take a look at the facts. Most stores sell our organic, handmade cereal for $11.95 or less.

If you prepare the cereal correctly—soaking two tablespoons in water, yogurt, almond milk, coconut milk, or the brew of your choice—those two tablespoons will create a half cup serving and will satisfy the hungriest breakfaster.

One bag works out to eight servings, or $1.48 per serving, and that works out to cheaper than a cup of coffee at Tim Hortons.

If the price still sends a jolt to your calculator, consider the following:

It is nutritious There are many products out there claiming to be “nutritious,” however, you only have to read the label to see that a large percentage of these product are made with inexpensive fillers such as wheat and corn and that the flavor comes from sugar, salt and chemicals. There is a lot of information about the health benefits of our two main ingredients—chia and hemp seeds—so please check them out online or see the resources below.

It is organic This means it was produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, genetically engineered seeds or food-chain disrupting pesticides. The cost of organic food is currently higher than mass produced products, but as the demand increases the cost will go down.

It is satisfying One theory as to why there are so many obese people in North America these days is because much of our food is over-processed and void of nutrition, therefor is causes people to overeat to try to satisfy their nutritional needs. Sure, there are other reasons—including the rise in sedentary jobs—but starting the day by filling up on protein, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids (all contained in a bowl of Holy Crap or Skinny B cereals) is one way to ensure you feel satisfied after eating.

It is delicious Using such high quality ingredients sourced from nutrient-rich organic soil translates to tons of natural flavor! In order to stand behind our product and advocate health, we had to begin at the source and that meant finding the best quality ingredients possible. Nutrition is important—more important than gadgets (except maybe our smart phones) and more important than fancy cars, shoes or clothes. Good food balances hormones, mood, and energy levels; it is essential for healthy minds and bodies. Combined with love, it is all a person really needs.

Related Facebook comments:

Love it! And best of all, it’s made in Canada!!!!!! Congratulations!” –Sebastien Bezeau

“When you think of it, if you bought a bag at 12 bones and ate it for 7 days, that is just over 1.70 a breakfast.” –Elizabeth C. Bull

“… it's really not expensive when you realize you only use two tablespoons per serving. A bag lasts me more than a week.” –Denise Giroux

“Forget like, where is the love button!!” –Wendy Kleemola

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