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Get Fit Tip #1 from Will Kelsay, XTERRA triathlete

Get Fit Tip #1 from Will Kelsay, XTERRA triathlete

Our Facebook fans say that being more active and fit are their top health goals for 2012.

We asked Will Kelsay, Professional XTERRA triathlete from Boulder, Colorado and a Holy Crap cereal fan to share tips to get you on your way.

Tip #1 Getting Fit & Staying Fit

It's all about consistency. If you can find ways to consistently stay active every day, it becomes easier and easier to stay on track and improve your fitness. Lay out a plan and try it for a week. If it was too much, not enough, or just not right, adjust accordingly for the next week. It may not be set in stone, but try to stick to it. Creating the habit of being active makes the act much easier.

We'll share another of Will's tips next week.

We'd love to hear get fit tips from our readers - please share them in the comment box below.

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