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Eat Magazine - The Breakfast Club

Eat Magazine This article originally appeared in Eat Magazine March/April 2012 issue good for you - by Pam Durkin

The Breakfast Club Does B.C. stand for best cereal? Unfortunately, not all breakfast cereals are worth breaking your fast for. If that cereal flake you're eating is derived from a genetically modified grain, contains toxic pesticide residues or is chock full of refined sugar and artificial flavours and colours, it's hardly healthy - whole grain or not.

The Cornucopia Institute, an American non-profit organization, recently tested several brands of cereal and found many contained high levels of GMO's (genetically modified organisms) and residue from organophosphate pesticides.

Surprisingly, some of the worst offenders were brands that market themselves as "healthy" and "all-natural," like Kashi (owned by Kellogg's) and Barbara's.

So how do you find a truly healthy cereal and reap the benefits of regular cereal consumption?

If you live in B.C., the answer is simple - buy local. Several savvy B.C. companies are producing some of the healthiest and tastiest cereals on the market.

Here are my top picks (in no particular order).

Holy Crap - Despite the interesting moniker, the taste of this gluten-free, 100% organic blend of chia, hemp, buckwheat, dried fruit and cinnamon made on the Sunshine Coast is reminiscent of apple pie and so delicious you'll forget just how healthy it is. The tasty melange is protein and fibre rich and is an excellent source of heart-healthy omega -3 fatty acids. I addition, mounting scientific evidence suggests chia, a chief component of the blend, can help reduce blood pressure and pro-inflammatory C-reactive protein.

Check out page 12 from the March/April issue for more cereal reviews.


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