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Lisa Oz'a holistic approach to well being will transform your relationships

Keynote speaker at CHFA West in Vancouver, sponsored by, addressed over 160 members of the Canadian Health Food Association on April 20, 2012.

Lisa is best known as co-author with husband and TV show host Dr. Oz of the New York Times best selling “You: The Owners Manual” book series.

Lisa Oz is an esteemed and respected worldwide authority on the subject of well-being and relationships. Her bestselling books have been on the New York Times list six times including the one she spoke from – US: Transforming Ourselves and the Relationships that Matter Most.

Lisa Oz at CHFA West in Vancouver, BC

One word that epitomized Lisa’s presentation is ‘relatable’. She invited us into her life so that we could see ourselves in her stories and journey and grow with her. Lisa advised her audience, “that the three steps to change are awareness, action and purpose.” “Our relationship with ourselves delineates our growth,” explained Lisa, “therefore by committing to personal growth we’ll notice positive change in all our relationships.

How I feel about myself impacts how I relate to others. If my pants are too tight, I feel grouchy. If I’m not healthy, I’m not relating to others with my best self.” “What we eat impacts our health and impacts our relationships,” says Lisa, “I believe true freedom is making right choices.

When we choose a candy bar we feel guilt and shame and that impacts how we feel and is ultimately reflected in how we interact with others. When we choose a piece of fruit, instead of a candy bar, we’re making the right choice for our health and it makes us feel powerful, nourished and sustains us emotionally.”

Lisa explained, “All relationships are in flux. Good relationships, like gardens, need attention and bad relationships need work. We can’t change or control others in order to change relationships, however we can change ourselves.”

Lisa encourage the audience to take a small step toward committing to personal growth. She recommended practicing gratitude and forgiveness as stepping stones to bettering our relationship with ourselves which leads to transforming our relationships with others.


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