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How did Holy Crap and Skinny B get their names

How did Holy Crap and Skinny B get their names

Brian and Corin Mullins at the Sechelt Farmer's Market

Co-founders, Brian and Corin Mullins of Sechelt, BC launched a breakfast cereal business in 2009. After testing 21 different recipes they sold 10 bags of the all organic chia seed, buckwheat, hemp hearts, cranberries, raisins and apple blend at the Sechelt Farmer's Market calling it Hapi Food.

In response to several customers trying it at the market and saying, "holy crap, this is good," Brian decided to re-name the cereal Holy Crap. Sales shot up 1,000% at the next week's market.

"The eye-catching and humorous name draws people in to try the cereal and then they tell their family and friends about the great taste and health benefits," says Corin.

The company's cereal line includes Holy Crap and Skinny B. Skinny B, a version of the cereal without the dried fruit, was named after the popular book, Skinny Bitch. The book promotes avoiding all sugar including the natural sugars found in fruit. The cereals are made from 100% organic ingredients, gluten-free, vegan, lactose-free, nut-free, sugar free and salt-free.

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