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Abbotsford's nine-year old Riley wins Snacks in Space Contest

Grade Four student, Riley Weimer would love a career in the space industry. The Abbotsford nine-year-old designs Lego spaceships and follows space missions. Last summer, Riley and his Dad, Todd, saw the Snacks in Space contest on the Canadian Space Agency website.

Riley Weimer winning entry for Snacks in Space Contest is Holy Crap cereal

Contestants were invited to submit ideas for Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield to take on the December 2012 space mission to the International Space Station. The food items had to meet a list of criteria for suitability in space.

They had to be Canadian made, long shelf life and be simple to prepare. Riley and his Dad started searching through their kitchen cupboards.

“Holy Crap cereal was the only suitable item,” says Todd, “so Riley entered it in the contest.” Todd explains, “We’ve been eating Holy Crap cereal since we first saw it on the Dragon’s Den two years ago. Our daughter, Anaya, has wheat and dairy issues so we are always looking for natural food products.”

The Weimer family enjoys their Holy Crap cereal with almond milk or orange juice.

Riley’s contest entry read in part, “Holy Crap cereal (this is not a joke): You add either water or milk or soy milk. It is an awesome, great tasting, very healthy snack.”

Canadian Space Agency experts reviewed all entries and prepared a short list based on the criteria. A short list of snacks was then proposed to Hadfield and his astronaut crew mates.

Riley’s entry was one of 12 Canadian foods that won the Snacks in Space contest and will be on Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s menu at the International Space Station during his six-month mission departing December 2012.


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