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What's the difference between Holy Crap cereal and Skinny B cereal

What's the difference between Holy Crap cereal and Skinny B cereal

We are often asked what the difference is between Holy Crap cereal and Skinny B cereal.

Skinny B cereal contains three organic ingredients; chia, hulled hemp hearts and buckwheat. Skinny B cereal has twice as much chia in the blend than Holy Crap cereal.

Holy Crap cereal contains seven ingredients; the same seed blend as Skinny B cereal, and in addition contains organic dried fruit - cranberries, raisins, apple bits and a touch of organic cinnamon.

Erika Weissenborn, B.Sc. Food Nutrition and Health for Holy Crap Cereal says, "From a nutritional standpoint the addition of the dried fruits adds some naturally occurring sugars (3 g of sugars in a serving of Holy Crap compared to 1 g in Skinny B).

Skinny B is a great product to have for someone who is seriously watching their sugar intake, such as a diabetic individual. Both Holy Crap and Skinny B are amazing products and it's your choice if you want your cereal with or without the dried fruit!"

Both cereals are:

  • non-GMO
  • very high in fiber
  • source of calcium
  • source of omega-3 and omega-6
  • gluten free
  • lactose free
  • salt free
  • Kosher (certified by Kosher Check)
  • nut free
  • all natural
  • vegan

Each bag is 225 grams and contains 8 full servings

Skinny B is raw.

Holy Crap is not considered raw because the dried fruit has been heated to temperatures over 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

Still not sure which cereal is best for you? If you like apple pie then we'd suggest you try Holy Crap cereal.

If you plan on using the cereal in smoothies we'd recommend you use Skinny B cereal as the dried fruit in Holy Crap cereal can get stuck in some blender blades.



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