High fiber: the weight loss connection

High fiber: the weight loss connection

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High Fiber at Breakfast Is a Healthy Weight Loss Habit ***

In its tracking of the eating habits of successful dieters -- those big losers who have kept weight off for years -- the National Weight Control Registry has found that most eat breakfast regularly. And cereal is one of their morning rituals. In general, eating cereal -- especially high fiber cereals -- is beneficial for weight loss, says fiber expert Joanne Slavin, PhD, RD, a professor at the University of Minnesota in St. Paul and member of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. “Studies that look at what people eat show those who eat more carbs, more fiber, and cereal in general weigh less than those who eat less fiber, carbs, and cereal.”

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High fiber: the weight loss connection

Erika Weissenborn, B.Sc. Food, Nutrition and Health for Holy Crap Cereal says, "Skinny B and Holy Crap cereals are a high source of fiber." It's no secret that including fiber in your daily diet is good for you. Do you know why? A high fiber diet promotes a healthy and regularly working digestive system and contributes to:

  • reducing cholesterol
  • stabilizing blood sugar
  • aiding in weight loss
"You'll feel great about yourself everyday by choosing a high fiber breakfast."

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