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Eat Drink Explore reports Canadian cereal rides food trends into U.S. markets

This article by EDE News Staff appeared on Eat Drink Explore on January 25, 2013.

A popular cereal in Canada is slowly making its name—and an unusual one at that—known within the United States. Holy Crap cereal is unique beyond its moniker, with a blend of ingredients not seen on most American grocery chain shelves.

Serving of Holy Crap cereal with yogurt and strawberries

Displaying and offering samples of "the world's most amazing breakfast cereal" at the recent Winter Fancy Foods Show in San Francisco, Holy Crap representatives introduced the crowd to the cereal's tapioca-like textured combination of chia seeds, hemp hearts, and buckwheat.

There are also bits of fruit in the mixture including cranberries, raisins, and apple. A version of the product, minus the fruit bits, is called Skinny B. As you can see, the company's founders have a sense of humor.

The cereal is extremely condensed in its packaged form, so the samples offered to the San Francisco food show attendees were pre-soaked, as is suggested by the company on the product pouch. "The chia does expand nine to eleven times," said Lyle Hartley, the U.S. spokesperson for HapiFoods Group Inc. "A lot of people do put it with their yogurts or a lot also do it with some kind of smoothie."

If accepted as a product to sell by some of the nation's largest chains, Holy Crap could instantly become a big seller among the growing health-conscious public. The packaging hits on several top nutrition trends in the U.S., as the cereal is gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan, kosher, and contains 100 percent organic ingredients.

The company is based in British Columbia and got a big boost when its founders appeared on a CBC program called Dragons' Den—the Canadian version of ABC's Shark Tank. Hartley says Holy Crap cereal still holds the title as being the product quickest to gain a business offer in Dragons' Den's eight year run. Currently the cereal is under review by Whole Foods Markets here in the U.S., according to Hartley.


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