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Corin Mullins - Finalist BC Food Processors Award

Corin Mullins - Finalist BC Food Processors Award

The BC Food Processors Association is happy to announce the Finalists in the 2013 BC Food Processors Awards.

Corin Mullins is a finalist in the RISING STAR category. The category criteria includes someone that is an innovator, contributes to the industry and community, is a role model, shows leadership and has less than ten years in the industry.

Awards will be awarded during the Awards Gala on June 13, 2013 at the FoodProWest 2013 Conference in Vancouver. Mullins stands out among other new businesses by developing a new category of breakfast cereal in the Natural Health Products industry with her award-winning Holy Crap cereal recipe and turning it into a multi-million dollar company in under three years.

Profit W100 ranked Mullins' 3-year revenue growth rate of 1,942% as #1 in top line revenue growth and #14 overall in Canada’s 2012 Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs.

Mullins demonstrates leadership by significantly contributing to the local rural economy through the creation of twenty new full-time jobs on BC’s Sunshine Coast. Mullins demonstrates leadership in the broader Lower Mainland business community by inspiring and fostering entrepreneurship. She’s a popular speaker at UBC and Simon Fraser business schools and many industry conferences and events.

Mullins has show innovation by developing a healthy non-allergenic breakfast cereal that can double as a survival food in emergency kits. Studies suggest that one of the superfood ingredients, chia, changes people’s lives by giving them unbelievable energy. It also helps lower blood sugar and blood pressure, builds muscles, lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease.

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