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Corin Mullins, A Rising Star in the Marketplace

Corin Mullins, A Rising Star in the Marketplace

This article by Christine Wood appeared in the Coast Reporter on May 20, 2013

Rising Star in the Marketplace - Brian and Corin Mullins

Although she’s already known as a rising star on the Sunshine Coast, local maker of Holy Crap cereal Corin Mullins might earn the title officially next month. Mullins has been named a finalist in the Rising Star category of the BC Food Processors’ Awards, which take place June 13 in Burnaby.

The awards are meant to honour and recognize the most influential, forward thinking and innovative companies that are members of the BC Food Processors Association (BCFPA).

Mullins is in the running for the Rising Star award along with Chris Ball of Reliance Insurance and Marlene Madsen of Island Farmhouse Poultry. The rising star award can go to any BCFPA member who has spent less than 10 years in the industry, is an innovator, a contributor to the industry and the community, is a role model and who shows leadership.

Mullins certainly fits the bill with her company Holy Crap.ca, which she owns with her husband Brian, showing a three-year revenue growth rate of 1,942 per cent. It seems the masses love her healthy hand-packed cereals that were lacking in the marketplace.

Mullins now employs 20 full-time workers in her factory in Gibsons and she is a popular speaker who inspires others to go the route of entrepreneurship.

She has also diversified the cereal line with the addition of Mary Jane (organic non-GMO hulled hemp seeds) and Wild Chia (organic non-GMO chia seeds). Mary Jane is the first of three hemp products Mullins will be launching this year.

She said the move was made because “protein based, plant based foods are very important for our future.” “We can’t sustain ourselves through what we’re doing with animals and if you can do a protein-base through plants it’s fantastic.

Hemp is really high in protein and I think it’s the future,” she said. Mullins now also offers free recipe e-books to those who want to learn to cook with her gluten free products. All of these accomplishments led to her being shortlisted for the Rising Star award this year, which is something she said she is “humbled” by.

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