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Kids who eat breakfast are better at math

Kids who eat breakfast are better at math

There's no doubt about it, weekday mornings can be chaotic getting the kids out the door on time. Don't skip breakfast! It could impact their grades.

According to a study from the nonprofit organization, Share Our Strength, kids who eat breakfast are better at math.

On average, kids who eat breakfast score 17.5 percent higher on math tests than kids who skip breakfast.

Let's face it - kids can be picky eaters. Finding fast and nutritious options they'll eat can be a challenge.

TIP: Before September arrives invite your kids to experiment making breakfasts. Kids are more receptive to eating foods they've helped with; either by selecting the recipe, choosing ingredients or helping prepare. Breakfasts that can be prepared the night before like breakfast parfaits and breakfast cookies are time-savers without losing out on great nutrition. Smoothies made with cereals can be whipped up in the morning. Parfaits, cookies and breakfast smoothies are easily portable, too, so can be eaten on the way to school.

There are dozens of ways to prepare Holy Crap cereal - try some of these tasty breakfast recipes with your kids.

Holy Crap cereal is yum!

Holy Crap - Discover the breakfast cereal phenomenon Holy Crap cereal is a gluten-free, hand-blended, organic and kosher mixture of chia seeds, buckwheat and hulled hemp seeds.

Organic cranberries, raisins, apples and cinnamon give the cereal a natural sweetness. A serving of Holy Crap cereal has 50% more protein than two tablespoons of flax seed, contains the perfect ratio of omega-3 to -6 and has more omega-3 and omega -6 than a serving of wild Atlantic salmon and more fiber than a bran muffin.

Holy Crap cereal is fast and easy to prepare.

By eating a healthy breakfast you're choosing:

  • More energy – your body gets its energy from food. A quick energy burst from toast, bagel or a donut will be gone in no time. A protein-rich breakfast will carry you through to lunch.
  • Increased concentration – you will be able to focus better. Look for omega-3 and omega-6 in your breakfast to fuel your brain.
  • Stabilized blood sugar – you will slow down the metabolism of starch in your body by including soluble and insoluble fibers in your breakfast. Choosing a tasty protein and fiber-packed breakfast will keep you energized and satisfied until lunch.
A study of 6,000 students from the Toronto Foundation for Student Success found that students who ate breakfast had better grades and were more likely to graduate.

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