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What's up with all the certification seals?

Curious to know what the certification seals on our products mean for you? Certification seals for Holy Crap cereal

You care about the food you eat, your health and well-being. And we care about how we make food for you. Certification seals provide evidence our products, supply chain and production processes have been carefully audited, reviewed and verified by third-party organizations

You can be confident in a high standard when you choose our products.

FVOPA is the agency that provides our organic certification after determining we meet the criteria for our organic products to display the Canada Organic logo and under the Canada/US Equivalency Agreement display the USDA Organic logo.

Gluten Free Certification Program - The GFCP seal on our product packaging reduces label reading and enhances your shopping experience by providing increased access to safe, reliable gluten-free products. The GFCP trademark provides the added assurance to consumers that certified products have met stringent requirements for the manufacture of gluten-free products, setting themselves apart from all other products displaying “GF Marks” or making their own gluten-free claims.

Non-GMO Project - authorizes us to display the Non-GMO Project verified logo indicating our products have successfully completed the verification process.

Kosher Check - certifies our products kosher, which means they are prepared according to Jewish dietary regulations. Increasingly, people with dietary restrictions such as intolerance to dairy, shellfish or gluten, look for kosher-certified products, which clearly indicate if a product contains these allergens.

Vegetarians and vegans also rely on kosher labeling to know if a product contains meat or meat by-products.

Canada Brand - the iconic red maple leaf indicates we participate in the Canada Brand Domestic Initiative program that assists consumers in identifying Canadian products.

We make tasty nutrient-packed breakfast cereals that:

  • Contain pure ingredients that are non-GMO, organic and gluten free
  • Are free from the top 9 allergens
  • Are additive-free: you'll never find added flavors, preservatives, chemicals, color, salt, or oils in our breakfast cereals.


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