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The Benefits of a Salt-Free Breakfast Cereal

Sodium Free Breakfast Cereal

Sodium is a vital nutrient for your body. It is in every part of you, from your bloodstream to your tears. Unfortunately, in today’s world, most people get entirely too much sodium chloride or salt. For many people, the “recommended daily allowance” is too high for their bodies, leading to high blood pressure and other concerns.

 The Problem with Salt  

The issue with salt is that we are getting too much because it has been added to everything we eat, from lunch meats to breads to canned vegetables. Salt acts as a preservative, giving commercially produced foods a longer shelf life. It also makes bland food taste good. Unlike other trace minerals, salt tastes good in small quantities.

 The Good Side of Salt-Free  

A salt-free diet offers lots of health benefits, some that you might not think of.

  • Reduces hypertension – Much of the epidemic of high blood pressure is caused by too much salt. Reducing hypertension reduces risks for heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure.
  • Diseases – Stomach cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, and cataracts have all been linked to a high salt diet. All of these diseases take years to manifest themselves, so most people wouldn’t think to look to their salt intake.
  • Weight retention – Salt causes the body to retain water and keep on the pounds. Eliminating salt will allow the body to find a new balance that includes a lot less water weight.
  • Better tasting food – Salt burns your tastebuds. This dulls your ability to taste well. That’s why foods seem to be getting hotter and saltier; many peoples’ tastebuds have been ruined by high salt diets.

An interesting fact about salt: Sodium, which is one half of the compound sodium chloride that makes up salt, is actually a metal that can explode when exposed to water. Chlorine, the other half, is an element that can be lethal when in its purest form. These two elements combine to create table salt.

A Salt-free Diet Can Be Really Easy

Follow these simple guidelines to reduce your salt intake and feel better quickly and easily.

  • Avoid large scale commercially processed foods, especially fast food, frozen foods, and canned foods.
  • Eat whole fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid condiments and sauces, where much of the salt is hidden.
  • Use table salt very sparingly.

Salt is necessary for life, but, like many other things, too much is bad for you.

Look for foods that are made from whole ingredients with no added salt. Holy Crap cereal is a good example of a salt-free breakfast cereal. It contains no salt added. We don’t need it. The 100% organic, non-GMO seeds in our cereals taste great without added salt. Your body will thank you by running better for a lot longer.



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