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Darling of the Dragons’ Den has first certified Gluten Free oats breakfast cereal in Canada

Darling of the Dragons’ Den has first certified Gluten Free oats breakfast cereal in Canada

Canada’s favorite, organic, non-GMO Project Verified cereal is first in Canada to be certified by the Gluten Free Certification Program (GFCP)

Gibsons, BC. (July 2015) HapiFoods Group is an artisan breakfast cereal manufacturer located in Gibsons, BC. They have been processing organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten free cereals since their launch at the Sechelt Farmers Market in 2009.

On May 29, 2015, Health Canada announced the registration of a Marketing Authorization (MA), effective immediately, which now permits the use of gluten-free claims on products containing gluten free oats.

Oats are naturally gluten free. Regular oats are often grown alongside wheat, rye, and barley exposing them to gluten. And they may be exposed during processing or transport. Gluten contamination poses a health hazard to people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

Health Canada recognizes gluten free oats are specially grown in dedicated fields, harvested, processed, stored, and transported to ensure they are not contaminated.

“Holy Crap Plus Gluten Free Oats is the first product with oats in Canada to carry the Gluten-Free Certification Program trademark and we could not be more excited” says Paul Valder, President of the Allergen Control Group.

First oat cereal in Canada to be certified Gluten Free

Health Canada’s announcement is great news for people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivities. Celiac disease is managed by a restricted diet and now celiacs will have a wider choice of grains and cereals in Canada.

“As soon as we heard Health Canada’s announcement we applied for Holy Crap Plus Gluten Free Oats to be certified in Canada. The Gluten Free Certification Program (GFCP) evaluated and accepted our application,” says Corin Mullins, Co-Founder, HapiFoods Group Inc.

“GFCP certified products help celiacs and gluten-sensitive consumers quickly and reliably identify foods safe for them to eat. We’re thrilled our entire line of healthy breakfast cereals, including Holy Crap Plus Gluten Free Oats, now display the GFCP certification seal,” says Mullins, “I understand from first-hand experience the importance of food labeling for people with food allergies,” explains Corin, “I developed Holy Crap cereal to address my husband’s food sensitivities.”

The Gluten-Free Certification Program is a voluntary certification program designed to help brand owners differentiate their gluten-free products from the increasing clutter of gluten-free claims, by displaying the GFCP trademark. The Program is based on a robust third-party audit certification process at the manufacturing facility, which verifies their ability to regularly meet the stringent GFCP requirements, when managing gluten as part of their internal food safety programs.

Holy Crap, Skinny B, Holy Crap Dark Chocolate and Holy Crap Plus Gluten Free Oats are organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and certified gluten free.




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