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Your #BuyLocal Gift Guide

Mindful Gift Giving

How ironic that the tradition of gift giving during the holidays can be so stressful. What do I buy? Will they like it? Do they have it already? Where will I find the time to get through my list? No wonder the holidays bring about more stress and anxiety than any other season.

Consider a shift from mindless spending to mindfulness in giving.

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” — Mother Teresa

A gift is a symbol of the energy and intention you offer. You consider the special people in your life, what they love, how to honor that, and what might give them moments of pleasure and happiness, and perhaps even offer a longer usefulness. The joy you experience as you consider a gift for someone is how you'll make them feel. That's the true gift.


Buy LocalIn the tiny town of Gibsons, BC we enjoy the gift of year 'round outdoor activities among splendid natural beauty. Sparkling seas, majestic mountains, and mystical forests inspire and nurture hundreds of artists and small businesses.  Here's just a handful of gift ideas from us and our neighbours...


 Holy Crap - the gift of health (with a funny name)

Holy Crap cereal

La Petite Souris - the gift of sweet indulgence

La Petite Souris


Healingscents - the gift of relaxation and healing through aromatherapy



Libre Tea - the gift of tea moments on the go

Libre Tea

Sunshine Coast Olive Oil - the gift of gourmet delights

Sunshine Coast Olive Oil


 The Blackberry Shop - gifts from over 60 local artisans

The Blackberry Shop




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