Local business success story featured in new book

Local business success story featured in new book

Brian and Corin Mullins, co-founders of Holy Crap cereal

Local business success story featured in new book, That’ll Never Work, Volume 2

That'll Never Work book cover

KPMG Enterprise™ announced the release of THAT'LL NEVER WORK, VOLUME 2
on June 23, 2016.

This new book is a collection of stories from successful Canadian entrepreneurs who were told their business ideas would never work.  These successful business owners proved the naysayers wrong and have shared their stories to help inspire the next generation of innovative business builders.

 The book profiles 17 of Canada's top entrepreneurs who have made a name for themselves across the country and around the world. In this newest book, KPMG Enterprise profiles include home-grown business Holy Crap Cereal (Gibsons, BC), to demonstrate the entrepreneurial spirit that is innovating Canada's small and medium-sized business community.

"It’s amazing to us that the cereal I created to solve my husband’s food allergies was something so many others were seeking,” says Corin Mullins, “At the time, I only knew I couldn’t find a suitable cereal on the grocery shelf for Brian, so I created one. My cereal was organic, healthy and tasted great. No additives, preservatives or unpronounceable ingredients. It turns out hundreds of thousands of other people–and NASA– were looking for the same thing. After early success at the Sechelt Farmers’ Market and Granville Island Market a distributor we approached told us we’d never succeed. Good thing we didn’t listen to them! We’re thrilled the story of our business success is included in KPMG’s new book and now inspiring other Canadian entrepreneurs.”

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