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Promo Pack of 5 organic healthy breakfast cereals

Promo Pack

Assorted Cereals

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A great way to try out a variety of our delicious healthy breakfast cereals for an amazing price!

A $40 value for  $29.95!

Our Promo Pack selection contains:

1 bag of Holy Crap - the perfect breakfast food. This slow-burning protein-rich rocket fuel leaves you satisfied until lunch. Mix with yogurt or your choice of milk or a non-dairy beverage.

1 bag of Skinny B - a blend of ancient seeds that contains 50% more chia than Holy Crap. Its very high fiber content stabilizes blood sugar and aids in weight management.

1 bag Holy Crap Plus Gluten Free Oats - a combination of Holy Crap cereal and gluten-free oats makes for one powerhouse of a breakfast! This will keep you energized all morning.

1 Holy Crap Single Serve Cereal Cup 45g

1 Holy Crap Plus Gluten Free Oats Single Serve Cereal Cup 56g

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Organic, non-GMO, Kosher, and Gluten Free certifications for breakfast cereals

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