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The high fiber non-GMO breakfast cereal everyone is talking about!

The most successful business on Dragons' Den

Looking for ways to include more healthy foods in your diet? Holy Crap is the perfect breakfast food for you.

Holy Crap only contains real unprocessed ingredients.

It's rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 and high in protein and fiber.

This health-packed cereal is incredibly delicious. In fact, when the company was just starting out one of their very first customers said, "Holy Crap... this is amazing!" That's where the name "Holy Crap" comes from.

"My favorite breakfast is Holy Crap Cereal, with some fresh fruit, and yogurt. The best."
~Daniel H.

"Easy online ordering fast shipment & a great product, what more could you ask for!"
~Lynn R. more Taste-imonials