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Healthy Holidays!

I invented an allergy-free cereal when I couldn't find one in the grocery store.

How we got our name
When one of our very first customers in 2009 said, "Holy Crap... this really works!"
We changed the name from Hapi to Holy Crap!

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Holy Crap cereal ingredients include raw, organic chia, buckwheat, and hulled hemp seeds
Certification Seals for Holy Crap include Organic Gluten Free Kosher Check

Only Whole Unprocessed Ingredients for Energized Living



Chia seeds are the star of our cereals. This ancient crop is considered a “perfect food” because it’s one of the few vegan sources of complete protein and calcium.



Buckwheat is one of the best sources of plant-based high-quality, easily digestible proteins in the plant kingdom. Its 74% protein absorption rate makes it an excellent meat substitute.


Hulled Hemp Seeds

Hulled hemp seeds contain balanced sources of both Omega-6 and Omega-3 so you will reap the benefits of healthy skin and hair, development of nervous system, and regulation of inflammatory responses.

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