Oat & Banana Pancakes

The best part about pancakes is choosing the toppings. Go simple and healthy with fruit or peanut butter, or more decadent with maple syrup or chocolate chips.

Our favourite topping is yogurt or cultured coconut milk with blueberries and bananas.

Cultured milk is a non-dairy substitute for yogurt; full of fibre and made with live active cultures that support the digestive system. These live culture probiotics pair perfectly with the prebiotic fibres in Holy Crap cereals to optimize your gut health!


SERVINGS: 3 large pancakes or 5 or 6 small ones


🥞 2 ripe medium bananas, cut into chunks

🥞 1 cup of Holy Crap Maple + Gluten-Free Oats

🥞 1½ tsp of baking powder

🥞 ¾ cup of unsweetened almond milk

🥞 ¼ tsp salt

🥞 1 tsp of vanilla extract

🥞 Olive oil, for coating the pan

🥞 Cultured coconut milk for topping (optional)

🥞 Bananas or nut butter for topping (optional)



▶︎ Place the bananas, almond milk and vanilla in a blender and puree for 30 seconds until smooth. Add Maple + Gluten Free Oats, baking powder and salt and blend until the batter is well combined about 1 minute. Set aside for a few minutes to thicken up.

▶︎ The batter will be thicker than regular pancakes but still easily ladled into the pan. If it appears too thick, add a tablespoon or two of almond milk and blend again.

▶︎ Lightly coat a large non-stick skillet or griddle with vegan cooking spray or olive oil and heat over medium.

▶︎ Using a ladle, drop ⅓ cup batter for large pancakes or by ¼ cup for smaller ones onto the skillet and gently spread out a bit with the back of the ladle. Cook until bubbles appear on top, about 1-2 minutes. Gently flip cakes and cook until golden brown on the underside, 1-2 minutes. Transfer to a plate.

▶︎ Using a damp cloth, wipe the skillet clean. Add a bit more oil/cooking spray and repeat with the remaining batter.

▶︎ Add toppings and enjoy!