Banana Coffee Oatmeal - 6 Pack ($1.37/serving)

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$65.99 CAD

The oatmeal that kicks the CRAP out of other oatmeals. Have it hot or cold, instant or overnight.  Whether you’re just starting the day or grabbing a snack to go, the possibilities are endless. Try it now!

Our oats include the same Superseed combination found in our Superseed cereal.  Not only is it high in fiber and packed with tons of flavour, but it also helps to maintain a healthy gut. Our oats are gluten-free and non-GMO verified.

Organic Ingredients: Gluten-free oats, Chia seeds*, Freeze dried bananas (bananas, ascorbic acid, citric acid), Buckwheat kernels*, Hulled hemp seeds*, Maple flakes* (maple syrup*), Instant coffee. *Organic.

Original pouch (320g): contains 8 servings
Shelf Life: 12 months
Allergen Statement: Manufactured in an allergen-free facility