Chocolate Peppermint Bites

The perfect crispy holiday treat for your bubble, or you can hoard them all for yourself!



❣️ 1 Tbsp Holy Crap Natural Superseed Blend

❣️ 1 cup high quality chocolate chips (we used milk chocolate)

❣️ 1 Tbsp coconut oil (we used Bukobaba 100% Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil)

❣️ 1/8 cup almond milk

❣️ 3/4 cup crispy rice cereal

❣️ 1/2 tsp peppermint oil

❣️ 1 Tbsp crushed peppermint candy

❣️ Pinch of salt


▶︎ Heat a small pot or double boiler over low-medium heat.

▶︎ Add coconut oil to pot and allow to begin melting, then add in chocolate chips, making sure to stir constantly to avoid burning.

▶︎ Once the coconut oil and chocolate have melted together, fold in the crispy rice cereal, Holy Crap, almond milk, peppermint oil and salt.

▶︎ Turn heat off and continue mixing until completely combined.

▶︎ Pour mixture into holiday molds, or mini cupcake tins, sprinkle some peppermint bites over, and place into the freezer for approx 1 hr. Remove and place on your favourite holiday dish!

Bites can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 1 week.