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Benefits of a Sugar-Free breakfast cereal

Learn about the Benefits of a Sugar Free Breakfast Cereal

Benefits of Sugar-Free Diet

Sugar is everywhere, even in places you wouldn’t imagine. Pizza, sodas, and lots of breakfast cereals contain outrageous amounts of sugar, including ones that pretend to be healthy for you. Sugar isn't only table sugar; it’s also high fructose corn syrup, artificially separated fructose or sucrose, and other processed sweets. Eliminating these from your diet can make a huge difference in your overall health and risk of disease.

The Risks of High Sugar Diet

Weight control – Sugars and sweets are very dense in calories. It is very easy to get a lot of calories without a lot of impact. A 590 ml bottle of Mountain Dew has 19.5 teaspoons (97.5 grams) of sugar. That’s 290 calories of sugar. An average person needs to run moderately quickly for about 40 minutes just to burn off one bottle of soda.

Diabetes Risk – It has been repeatedly proven that increases in the consumption of sugar in a society leads to an increase in the incidence of diabetes. Again, this is often caused by consuming liquid sugars and sugary foods, like sugary breakfast cereals, ice creams, and even things like pizza.

Mood Improvement – Sugar causes some people to get sugar highs, followed by sugar lows. This is very apparent in young children who can be extremely hyper-active when given sugar, then they will suddenly fall asleep. For adults, this more often manifests itself more subtly, but equally damaging, as changes in mood and attitude.

  How to Cut Out Sugar from your Diet  

Getting sugar out of your diet is deceptively simple. Start by reading the ingredient list on food packages. Ingredients are listed in the order of predominance, from most to least. Buy foods that are made from whole ingredients with little or no added sugar. Be selective if you do have sugar. Cane sugar is sugar that is nearest to its natural state. After a couple of weeks of eliminating sugar many people discover that foods with added sugar taste too sweet. Fruit is a healthier option for sweetness. 

Holy Crap Cereal is made from seeds and dried fruit with no added sugar. The dried fruits–organic raisins, organic cranberries (which do contain a trace amount of cane sugar), and organic apple–provide natural sugars to keep your body running well without processed sugars or high fructose corn syrup. The cinnamon and complex carbohydrates of Holy Crap’s organic buckwheat, organic chia, and organic hemp seeds help to keep the body’s sugar levels stable and strong.

Skinny B Cereal contains no added sugar and since it doesn't contain any dried fruit–there is no naturally occurring sugar either.

Eating sugar was not a problem for our ancestors who didn't have sweeteners on the scale that we do today. Eating wholesome foods, like Holy Crap cereal, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and decreasing or eliminating sugar are some of the factors in improving your level of health and wellness. 


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