Chocolate Banana Cream Pie Parfaits 🍌🍫

Chocolate and banana...two flavours truly destined to be together and we're here for it. These parfaits are perfect for breakfast, afternoon pick-me-ups, or a tasty (and healthy!) post dinner treat. Dig in and enjoy!



🍨 1/2 cup Holy Crap Natural Superseed Blend

🍨 1 cup almond milk

🍨 1 Tbsp cocoa powder

🍨 1-2 tsp raw honey (less or more for desired sweetness)

🍨 4 ripe frozen bananas (diced)

🍨 1/3 cup coconut cream

🍨 1 tsp vanilla extract

🍨 Pinch of sea salt

🍨 Additional cocoa for dusting

🍨 Pecans and banana slices for garnishing



Chocolate Superseed Base

▶︎ In a medium bowl add Holy Crap Natural Superseed Blend, almond milk and cocoa powder and soak for at least 1 hour (or overnight).

▶︎ After soaking, add in honey and rigorously stir to incorporate and break up any lumps in mixture.

▶︎ Spoon into mini glasses, or your serving dish of choice, and fill glass 3/4 full.


Banana Nice Cream Topping

▶︎ Add frozen diced banana into a food processor with coconut cream, vanilla, and salt.

▶︎ Process on high or 'puree' option until smooth.

▶︎ When the mixture is the texture of soft ice cream, dollop the cream on top of the base in your glasses, adding garnishes and serve!

Both mixtures can be saved if there is extra! Put both in separate airtight containers, the chocolate base can stay in the fridge and the nice cream topping can go into your freezer for up to 1 week (allowing to thaw slightly when removed).